2021 NIC-10 girls basketball leaders: Gray tops in scoring, Kleckler in rebounding, blocks

Matt Trowbridge
Rockford Register Star
Auburn junior forward Brooklyn Gray, shown shooting at Harlem, led the NIC-10 in scoring with 18.6 points a game during the 2021 girls basketball season.

The most unusual season in NIC-10 girls basketball history extended to the league's individual accomplishments. Auburn's Brooklyn Gray, as expected, led all NIC-10 girls basketball players in scoring this year with 18.6 points per game, but coming in second and third were a pair of players for Jefferson, a school that hadn't had a winning season in 18 years before this season. Karley Colson averaged 17.1 and Camron Blank 15.8.

And a pair of Freeport players, Kenzie Kleckler and Brooklyn Sellers, finished 1st and 3rd in rebounding. The stats leaders came from all over the conference, with NIC-10 champion Hononegah leading only in 3-pointers (Haley Warren with 45 and Emma Clark close behind with 41).

Here are my complete NIC-10 girls basketball statistical leaders for the 2021 season:


Brooklyn Gray, Auburn 18.6

Karley Colson, Jefferson 17.1

Camron Blank, Jefferson 15.8

Crystal Sotelo, North 15.1

Haley Warren, Hononegah 14.7

Sydney Donaldson, Guilford 13.7

Emma Clark, Hononegah 13.6

Mya Davidson, Harlem 13.2

Julie Bailey, Harlem 11.1

Kyleigh Thomas, Guilford 10.6

Kenzie Kleckler, Freeport 10.5

Alisyn MacGregor, Harlem 10.4

Zhakyla Evans, Auburn 10.2

Olivia Harter, Boylan 9.0

Gabriella Longstreet, Auburn 8.2

Katelyn Norgard, North 8.0

Jada Garcia, East 8.0

Lindsey Knuth, Guilford 7.9

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Kenzie Kleckler, Freeport 12.6

Camron Blank, Jefferson 11.4

Alisyn MacGregor, Harlem 10.7

Brooklyn Sellers, Freeport 10.6

Samaria Myles, East 8.8

Crystal Sotelo, North 8.0

Lindsey Knuth, Guilford 7.1

Mackenzie Turley, East 6.3

Cortlyn Hefty, North 5.9

Mya Davidson, Harlem 5.8

Cashay Stevenson, Jefferson 5.4

Jhanel Coleman, Guilford 5.3

Katelyn Norgard, North 5.2

Brooklyn Gray, Auburn 5.2

Sarah Kalma, Boylan 5.0

Brianna Jenkins, East 4.9

Tone Lacy, Freeport 4.9

Sydney Donaldson, Guilford 4.8

Haley Warren, Hononegah 4.8

Emma Clark, Hononegah 4.6

Mary Clare Brown, Boylan 4.5

Elle Eshleman, Boylan 4.5

Kyleigh Thomas, Guilford 4.3

Alexis Trousdale, Jefferson 4.2 

Jordan Johnston, Hononegah 3.9


Karley Colson, Jefferson 5.6

Carly LaMay, Hononegah 5.4

Olivia Harter, Boylan 4.5

Avery Green, Guilford 3.5

Tone Lacy, Freeport 3.5

Kyleigh Thomas, Guilford 3.1

Kamryn Abney, Hononegah 3.0

Carlee Fridly, North 2.9

Brooklyn Sellers, Freeport 2.6

Avery Marcomb, Boylan 2.5

Sydney Donaldson, Guilford 2.4

Jordan Johnston, Hononegah 2.4

Camron Blank, Jefferson 2.3

Brooklyn Gray, Auburn 2.3

Alexis Trousdale, Jefferson 2.2

Taylor Goodwin, Harlem 2.1

Cortlyn Hefty, North 2.0

Julie Bailey, Harlem 2.0

Mary Clare Brown, Boylan 2.0

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Camron Blank, Jefferson 4.2

Katelyn Norgard, North 3.9

Avery Green, Guilford 3.2

Karley Colson, Jefferson 3.1

Olivia Harter, Boylan 3.0

Carly LaMay, Hononegah 2.9

Cortlyn Hefty, North 2.8

Kyleigh Thomas, Guilford 2.5

Haley Warren, Hononegah 2.7

Alisyn MacGregor, Harlem 2.7

Tone Lacy, Freeport 2.6

Emma Clark, Hononegah 2.5

Brooklynn Brien, Harlem 2.5

Zhakyla Evans, Auburn 2.5

Avery Marcomb, Boylan 2.5

Maliyah Hodges, Jefferson 2.5 

Carlee Fridly, North 2.3

Crystal Sotelo, North 2.3

Brooklyn Gray, Auburn 2.2

Kiara Brandon, Guilford 2.2

Sydney Fago, Hononegah 2.1

Mya Davidson, Harlem 2.0

Taylor Goodwin, Harlem 2.0

Elle Eshleman, Boylan 2.0

Reese Schoon, Belvidere 1.9

Jordan Johnston, Hononegah 1.9

Sydney Donaldson, Guilford 1.9

Julie Bailey, Harlem 1.7

Alisha Bell, Hononegah 1.6

3-pointers made

Haley Warren, Hononegah 45

Emma Clark, Hononegah 41

Karley Colson, Jefferson 31

Sydney Donaldson, Guilford 26

Zhakyla Evans, Auburn 23

Julie Bailey, Harlem 20

Kyleigh Thomas, Guilford 15

Blocked shots

Camron Blank, Jefferson 2.1

Kenzie Kleckler, Freeport 2.0

Brooklyn Sellers, Freeport 1.7

Lindsey Knuth, Guilford 0.8

Carly LaMay, Hononegah 0.8

Aunalese Gadomski, Guilford 0.6

Cortlyn Hefty, North 0.5

Brooklyn Gray, Auburn 0.5

Felicia Brathwaite, Auburn 0.5

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