Project benefits teams

Staff Writer
Washington Times-Reporter

Not only does the Washington boys soccer team figure to perform better in 2009, it also will play on an upgraded home field.

The WCHS boys and girls programs will benefit from senior Greg Butler’s Eagle Scout project.

Butler, a member of Troop 163, elected to have home and visitor shelters built, a process that started a year ago.

RP Lumber, LS Lumber and Ace Hardware all donated materials for the project, which was expected to break ground over the weekend, Panther boys head coach Jeff Brooks said.

Already equipped with a new scoreboard, the shelters will further raise the field’s profile.

A lot of student-athletes have been involved in the undertaking, which will impact many future classes.

In the spring, Brooks said the girls soccer squad plans to work on the Washington press box, which sits between the two team benches.

— Bryan Veginski