Local plumber offers economic assistance

Mark Novy

As our country is hitting an economic situation, we are all watching the news or reading the newspapers wondering where our family’s lives are heading.

We are losing jobs, getting laid off, having to close down businesses, losing homes, can’t pay our bills and not being able to do recreational programs with our families.

I was sitting watching the news one night, and I heard about a man who owns a flower shop in Missouri who knows what his town and the people in it are going through.

He was telling us about the hardships in his town and how people are trying to survive through this difficult time.

So, being the owner of this shop, he has received letters from people who have hit really hard times, and he pulls a name out of a hat every week and gives a free bouquet of flowers to those people out his own pocket.

As he said, it puts a smile on their faces to know that someone has thought about them.

It makes the person happy, the owner happy and a good feeling that makes you think, “You can make it.”

As a local plumbing business and a resident of Washington, we have decided that we would like to help our community out.

We all know money can be tight, especially for people who are on a fixed income.

We have contacted Mayor Gary Manier in Washington, the water department and WHIP, and will put forth the effort in trying to help our citizens out in these hard times.

When talking to the water department, we found there has been a lot of people who have water bills that are high because they have a water leak, and they can’t afford to get the leak fixed because of income.

As a company, we will draw a name once a week and help with your leaky plumbing to help lower water bills free of service.

You can contact the water department, or you can write a letter about someone you know, or you yourself, that could use some help at this time.

You can address it to: All Seasons Plumbing and HVAC, 606 Hilldale Ave., Washington.

Hopefully, other local companies will read this and like to help our community as friends, family or people who you just don’t know.

It isn’t about the government helping us out, or the state. It is about the community you live in pulling together and helping each other out.

Mark Novy

All Seasons Plumbing and HVAC