Local saddened by audience

Joseph Hajny

Stephanie Scott and Tiffany Wyse-Fisher are to be commended for their efforts establishing Venue — a place where artists, musicians and poets can display their talents.

However, many audience members who attend these functions cannot be commended for their actions.

The recent (Nov. 21) function featuring Shannon Moore is a prime example.

Rather than listen to Ms. Moore’s beautiful voice and talented piano playing, most audience members carried on loud conversations at their respective tables. Their raucous chatter effectively drowned out Ms. Moore’s voice. This also was disrespectful to Ms. Moore, to her family members and to other audience members who wanted to hear her sing.

 It takes courage to perform in front of an audience. I doubt that many of Thursday’s audience members have this kind of courage. 

When a person performs in front of an audience, she/he does so to be heard. Undivided attention is to be expected. 

Apparently, many of Thursday’s audience members were there only to sip their wine and appear very avant-garde. 

How sad and discourteous.

Joseph Hajny

Vietnam veteran and poet