District library maintenance tax levy not new

Staff Writer
Washington Times-Reporter

Contrary to recent information being circulated among the citizens of Washington Township, the Washington District Library board of trustees is NOT levying a new tax.

The board works very hard to be fiscally responsible with taxpayers’ money while providing the residents of Washington access to two conveniently located libraries.

The facts about the 2-cent maintenance levy are:

1) This is NOT a NEW tax. It has been levied annually since 1991.

2) The money from this levy has been used to rent the branch library in the Sunnyland Plaza, clean both libraries and repair and replace equipment used by library patrons and staff.

If you have received contradictory information when asked to sign a petition and still have questions, please contact the library.

We pride ourselves on providing the citizens of Washington with all kinds of information.

Mary Jo Parish

President, Washington

District Library Board of Trustees