Community spirit commendable

Staff Writer
Washington Times-Reporter

One pillar of a close-knit small town is community spirit. Without support and cheers among residents, much of the appeal of a small town is lost.

But Washington proved last week during Washington Community High School’s homecoming events that community spirit is as abundant as ever.

The Caterpillar Performing Arts Center in Five Points Washington was packed Thursday night, with high school students filling the front half of the auditorium and their families and other communitiy members taking up the rest of the seats.

Almost everyone had on something orange and black. A few even wore Panther-inspired costume pieces.

Some might argue all the hype was for the undefeated varsity football team that has joined the ranks of the best teams in the state. While the boys did get their much-deserved cheers and applause, the spirit was not reserved solely for them.

Each student group that took the stage, from jazz band and company to the drama club and Pantherettes, got overwhelming support from the audience. Enthusiastic cheers and whistles were heard not only after the performances, but also during them.

Some high school students at other schools are not as supportive of activities in which they are not involved. It is common at some schools to see the football team goofing off during a skit, for example, or members of the marching band texting when the cheerleaders are performing. That is, if they even stick around to watch each other.

But during both Community Night and the parade Friday, Washington proved its spirit. It would not be a stretch to estimate that about 80 percent or more of Washington’s residents lined the streets Friday, even during the cold and rain.

Students, parents, school staff and business owners proved what a small town is all about.

The entire city of Washington should be proud.