Washingtonians missing out

Times-Reporter editorial board

A fully operational Five Points Washington is officially one year old and has had a promising first year.

However, many Washingtonians are missing out.

Sure, the fitness center is still pulling in new members in addition to the renewals.

People are booking the banquet rooms, and the library is offering more programs on a regular basis.

The aquatic center is also doing well with open swim, lessons and swim meets now that Washington Community High School has a swimming program.

But the theater is not packing them in as often as it could.

Some people might say it is because Five Points is not advertising enough.

Others will say the choice of entertainment is not to their liking.

How would they know if they do not give it a try?

Take this weekend for example.

While there was a decent enough audience for Chapter 6, it could have been better.

Chapter 6 is a vocal ensemble that primarily performs a cappella without instruments. They have a family-friendly show that features a blend of pop/jazz harmonies and humorous lyrics.

Those who decided to attend the show were in for a treat. The group was entertaining.

“You get caught up in the rhythm,” said one audience member. “They have great energy,” she added.

Her friend agreed, saying, “They are very entertaining.

Five Points programs a lot of family friendly acts.

At a time when our children are bombarded with negative images and words, family friendly is a good thing.

It also allows families to enjoy a show together, to bond and share something positive.

Entertainment does not have to be raunchy with adult language to be entertainment.

Still, Five Points could make more attempts at getting some mainstream entertainment that would appeal to Washington’s younger population.

On the flip side, Washingtonians should be more open to the lighter side. If not sure about a performer, try it anyway.

The tickets are not outrageously priced,  the theater is comfortable, and the entertainment is there for the taking. If we do not support this venue, we may not have it anymore.