Remember those who have gone before

Staff Writer
Washington Times-Reporter

As we continue through year five of the war in Iraq, we need to remember past military members now more than ever.

Monday is Memorial Day.

It is more than a day off from school and work.

As we get closer to Monday, residents will be bombarded with advertisements of great deals and one-day-only sales.

Under the guise of patriotism, the day is nearly reduced to commercialism.

The same is true for Veterans Day, although some people do not get the November holiday off from work.

Memorial Day is a day to remember all those brave men and women who served our country, regardless of branch of service, and what they did while in the military.

Every year, Washington gathers for a parade to Glendale Cemetery to honor all the military members buried there.

And this year is no different.

The parade kicks off at 9 a.m. from the Heartland Bank parking lot near the square and ends in the cemetery for a ceremony.

This Monday, instead of focusing on the commercial hoopla, take time to remember those who served in the name of freedom.

By honoring those who have gone before, we honor those of our residents who are serving now.