True adults make good decisions

Staff Writer
Washington Times-Reporter

Despite Washington and Illinois State Police officers arresting numerous teens during the past several months for underage drinking, teens are still violating the law.

At the end of March, state troopers broke up a party in Washington and arrested 17 teens.

Although there are underage drinking arrests throughout the year, it seems year after year, there is a pattern of under-aged drinking arrests around prom, graduation and summer.

And, year after year, we write to try to persuade teens to keep their senses about them as they near important milestones in their lives.

This is the transition from high school to college. This is the time of young adulthood to adulthood.

It is an exciting time, not only for teens, but for their parents and other family members — the people who watched them grow and who nurtured them.

After 18 years, they get to watch their child, whom they raised and taught right from wrong, make their way in the world.

It is a proud moment, and it takes a lot of work to get to this point, both on the parents’ and the students’ parts.

Parents invest their time and energy to ensure their children can have good lives by making good choices.

This is why we ask youth to keep their excitement in check as they near graduation. It is an exciting time, but it is not a time to go haywire and tempt fate by drinking alcohol, playing pranks at school or speeding to show off to friends.

There is nothing wrong with having fun at this celebratory time, but there are good and bad ways to do so.

Parents: you have raised your children with the hopes they will make good decisions. And you trust they will. But as parents, it is still important to be aware of what your teens are doing. Just because they are no longer in high school does not mean you are no longer parents.

Teens: you have worked hard to get to this point. You are at a turning point in your life. Don’t jeopardize your future or ruin this momentous time by doing something stupid that could cause you, and others, pain and misery.

Part of being an adult is making sensible decisions.