Take pride in city cleanliness

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Washington Times-Reporter

Take pride in city cleanliness

Tuesday was Earth Day and this week is the big spring city-wide trash pick up.

It is a time for residents to clean out attics, basements and garages and dispose of items no longer wanted or needed with their regular garbage.

The clean-fest culminates with Take Pride in Washington clean-up day from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday.

Volunteers will meet at Wenger Shelter to receive gloves, trash bags and an assigned area to clean.

For the past two years, volunteers came in all sizes and ages. There were individuals and groups.

Last year several Cub Scouts tramped in the trees along the bike path near Lincoln Grade School picking up litter.

They collected quite a bit.

We applaud their energy and enthusiasm, but it is sad they had so many bags of trash when they were done.

We understand weather sometimes wreaks more than damage to homes and trees. It whips papers and other items around town like a child’s playthings.

Other litter is more intentionally discarded.

We applaud the efforts of the annual spring cleaning of the city.

However, volunteers’ efforts would be easier if everyone in Washington helped.

volunteers are needed to make sure Washington continues to be a beautiful city.

But after completing your shift Saturday, continue the effort daily. Be sure trash can lids are secure. Take the extra steps needed to throw your garbage away.

We should be proud of our city.

If you see trash, pick it up.