Web site offers medical insight

Sonya Coelho

Mining the mountain of medical information available has gotten easier with the creation of healthservicesofpeoria.com

Denise Graves and her four-member team designed the comprehensive online medical and health directory, which lists medical services and facilities offered in the Peoria area.

The Web site offers six kinds of information. There is physician information, which includes everything from alternative medicine to mental health to surgical and medical facilities.

The Web site lists additional services — which varies from children’s services to pharmacies to transportation, support groups and resources such as human resources, abuse, crisis and hot lines, and insurance.

At the moment, all listings are complimentary.

The Web site is optimized for most popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, AOL and others. The site can also be accessed via www.HSpeoria.com.  

The Web site went live in December 2008, but, Graves said the idea was born and nurtured several years ago.

“In the course of my work with the Peoria Chamber of Commerce, I met many people and also became aware of many aspects of the medical fraternity and services offered,” she said.

“I also found that while information is out there, it’s not always easily accessible and very scattered. So, I felt the need for us to have a one-stop shop for information related to medical and health services. For example, how many of us know about the availability of home dialysis?”

As this is a start-up, Graves has funded most of the effort. However, she does intend to sell advertising slots on the site to bring in the much-needed revenue to keep the site afloat. 

“Health providers can pay to have their names listed in bold, or add their own Web address and possibly a link, too,” she said.

Graves said she is passionate about the site. She and her team have spent months searching the web and going through medical and other directories.

“We plan to be thorough with our information and keep it current and up-to-date,” she said. 

The site has a tab on the home page which allows users to send in information and comments.

This effort came in handy for Graves herself when her mother, who lives in Minnesota, underwent an emergency appendectomy.

“This was around Thanksgiving last year, and I had to drive up to be with her,” she said.

“As it was the holiday season, I wanted to get back but not without my mother. The doctors there wanted to make sure that my mom would have access to adequate medical care in Peoria.”

Their concerns, Graves said, were put to rest when they got the relevant information from the Web site.