Storms keep city, firefighters busy

Donelle Pardee Whiting

Washington firefighters answered a call Friday night after lightening hit a garage at 511 Garfield Lane.

Fire Chief Mike Vaughn said the residents were home and heard the lightning strike.

After the hit, they saw smoke, smelled something burning and called 911.

“There was minimal damage,” Vaughn said, adding, “I’d say less than $2,500. It was very localized and over in a few minutes.”

Aside from the one lightning strike, Washington fared pretty well after a weekend of heavy rain, public services manager Bill Bimrose said.

Bimrose said he had calls from 14 residents reporting flooding in their basements.

In addition, there was localized street flooding at Birchwood Drive, Hilldale Avenue and Dieble Road.

There was no tree damage to speak of, Bimrose said, adding none of the inlets were blocked.

Both treatment plants are working to capacity to process the storm water as fast as possible, he said.

Bimrose said once the rain stopped, the water began to drain.