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Washington Times-Reporter

I've had a busy week, and very little time to collect my thoughts in the form of a blog, so for now, in lieu of my usual insights, I will offer a few asides...

1) Yoga is NOT easy. I thought it would be, having retained quite a bit of the flexibility I acquired a great many years ago in Tae Kwon Do. Turns out it's actually physically demanding, expecting of you a rather intense level of exertion I frankly would not have associated with what I had previously considered a "girly exercise". Ladies, my apologies...I stand corrected.

2) Writing your own band biography is NOT fun. There is a reason most successful acts are willing to shell out sizable sums of coin to qualified(and often unqualified) individuals to cast them in a favorable light via a brief synopsis of their collective virtues. Doing the same for yourself makes you feel like a self-aggrandizing hack....like you're voting for yourself in a "readers' poll", or patting yourself on the back for a multitude of accomplishments that must ultimately not  amount to that much, or you'd be able to afford someone else to write this fluff for you.

3) If you're going to cuss somebody out in a movie theater when the phone they presumably forgot to turn off rings during the final scene, you're as much a jerk as the thoughtless, careless, and now(thanks to you) expletive-branded blight on humanity you've verbally assaulted, because the distraction you created pretty much took the wind out of this particular finale's sails. Admittedly, it was an amusing exchange, but you could've saved your tirade for a minute, couldn't you?...at least until the credits rolled? And you, with the phone, I'm guessing there is nothing SO important going on in your life that you CAN'T turn your phone off for an hour & forty-five minutes. I mean, come on, it's a weekday and we're in a matinee of the new Jason Statham movie.....something tells me you're not "on call".  Just my two cents.

Anyway, those are my deep thoughts. I'm gonna go play an acoustic set at some joint called Sassy's Lounge, so I can save up enough money to hire a professional biographer to sing my praises someday.