MUST HAVE wedding pictures.

Staff Writer
Washington Times-Reporter

Just about every person I talk to who likes taking snapshots tells me they like taking pictures at weddings. Being a wedding photographer for 30 years, I’ve seen a lot of Point & Shoots and camera phones being used by the guests. And, why not? Where else can you go and see so many happy people loving to get their pictures taken? The wedding party, the bride & groom, families, friends, etc.

The difference between being the main photographer and a guest who wants to do photographs is the main photographer MUST get certain photos for the wedding couple.

If you’ve considered being the main wedding photographer or have been asked to be the main wedding photographer, I’d like to mention some must-have photos you must take.

Unless the bride and groom want to do their formals before the ceremony, the following photos are in the common sequence that they occur. I say common, but since the bride and groom will tell you how THEY want them to occur the “common” sequence is not so common any more.

At the church or ceremony location:

The bride and groom getting ready.