How to clean your pets ears

Staff Writer
Washington Times-Reporter

When we want to clean our ears we reach into the medicine cabinet for a cotton swab to gently clean the wax from our ears. Your pet's ears are shaped like a cornucopia funnel with a horizontal and vertical canal. If not used properly the cotton swab will push wax deeper into the ear canal causing a wax impaction and possibly damaging the ear drum. The best method to clean your pets ears is to flush the canal vigorously with a ear solution designed to liquefy the wax. It will take at least three good flushes with copious amounts of cleaner. After filling the canal with solution massage below the opening at the base of the vertical canal to loosen the wax in the lower ear. This is a messy job so prepare with towels and large cotton balls to help dry out the ear canal. A simple home recipe for an ear cleaner is ½ white vinegar, ¼ water and ¼ rubbing alcohol. The cleaner can be applied with a pediatric bulb syringe but be careful to not make a tight seal against the wall of the ear canal. If you don't like the smell of the vinegar contact your veterinarian for a safe, antibacterial, pleasant smelling ear cleaner. Watch this video from pethealthnetwork to learn more.