Bill Ayers got it all wrong, AGAIN!

Staff Writer
Washington Times-Reporter

Speaking to a group of Occupy Wall Street supporters, he stated, "We are living in a militarized society. That, that, it's clear what the message is from power. The message is that Occupy represents violence, and marginalization and insanity, when in reality it's the 1 percent that represents violence, and insanity, and militarism. We've got a militarized society and it's become so common sense that, getting on the airplane coming out here, the first thing they said was let all the, uh, let all the ya know, uniformed military get on first and thank you for your service. And I said as I always do: let's let the teachers and nurses get on first and thank them for their service. I mean, why is it that everything military has got to be good and everything that has to do with actual work, real work, not jobs, real work for people, that stuff gets discouraged and marginalized?"

Yes, Bill, we should go out of our way to show support for our men and women in uniform. Especially in an airport. Most likely military personnel in an airport are either flying home after being away from their family for a long time or leaving on a deployment that could last up to a year.

These are the people who give occupy and all of us the right to protest the Government. They are the ones willing to give thier lives to ensure that the American Way is preserved.

I encourage each of you to continue to go out of your way. When you see a man or women dressed in a military uniform, take a secound and walk up to them and say thank you. While you are at it If you see someone wearing a hat that says veteran, thank them too.