Latest Forecast for Tornado-Ravaged Plains, Southeast

Andrew Musolline

State College, Pa. -- 19 April 2011 -- reports severe thunderstorms, including tornadoes, are set to roam parts of the country yet again over the next couple of days, but these thunderstorms should spare most of the hardest-hit areas in last week's historic tornado outbreak.

Severe thunderstorms which may spawn more tornadoes will erupt from the southern Plains into the Ohio Valley through tonight. Unfortunately, some of those towns devastated last week could again be stuck by severe thunderstorms, explained meteorologist Bill Deger.

Towns across eastern Oklahoma and into Arkansas bracing for this renewed threat will include Little Rock, Ark.

A cold front pushing through the southern Plains will be the catalyst sparking the severe weather across the region; this same cold front will push into the Gulf coast states and Carolinas through Thursday.

A slew of tornadoes rampaged across Mississippi and Alabama last week before more tornadoes hit the mid-Atlantic and Carolinas this past weekend.

The cold front set to spark dangerous thunderstorms through tonight will push into the tornado-ravaged areas of the Gulf coast and Carolinas.

The good news is that the severe threat will diminish significantly by the time the cold front reaches the hard hit areas of southern Mississippi and Alabama on Wednesday. The threat will diminish even further as the front heads into the Carolinas Wednesday night into Thursday.

A stronger thunderstorm cannot be ruled out across the Gulf coast and Carolinas Wednesday and Thursday, but any should be isolated. Tornadoes are not forecast with any strong storms across the Gulf coast, but gusty winds and hail could make appearances.

By Andrew Musolline, Meteorologist for