BLOG: Rant & Rave by Jeanette Kendall: Way to be creative WCHS!

Staff Writer
Washington Times-Reporter

Welcome to the second installment of Rant & Rave, my blog in which I ... you guessed it ... rant and rave about random things.


The media provides a plethora of information to rant about on any given day. Articles about politics, gas prices and crime are sure to get people fired up.

A particular news report that has me fired up is one about cats. Lacon town officials are discussing a way to get rid of feral felines — humanely. Apparently, there is an abundance of them lurking about town, plotting to take over. Rather than killing mice, rumor has it they want to claw their way into the Dairy Barn over night and lap up all of the ice cream.

Joking aside, it is a serious concern. If there is an overabundance of wild cats, they could starve, or they may carry rabies.

However, if we think about the root of the problem, it boils down to humans. It is a shame that a defenseless animal has to pay because human beings are too irresponsible to get their pets spayed or neutered.

And, I worry that the “humane” way to get rid of the felines in a rural town such as Lacon would be to shoot them on site. I envision a posse, but rather than cowboy hats and boots, holsters and pistols, the group is sporting camouflage and armed with a six-pack and shotguns.

If town officials do decide to kill these cats, hopefully they will make sure that local residents do not think they are allowed to do so for fun on a Friday night.

Pet owners need to take heed and keep their cat indoors or make sure it is wearing a collar with an ID tag.


It’s May and that means graduation time. Here at the newspaper, we are immersed in graduation photos.

In working on East Peoria and Washington’s high school photos this year, I noticed a stark contrast.

East Peoria’s photos are all the same. They have the same background and are the same size.

This makes things very easy for us. With Photoshop, these pictures are sized and color corrected quickly.

Washington’s, on the other hand, are all very, very different.

There are photos of seniors with footballs, bowling balls, and even a motorcycle.

There are photos of seniors posing on benches, peaking out from behind trees and on railroad tracks.

I am pretty sure I saw one student wearing a plastic cape, and I know another student had a Mohawk.

All of these unique photos made it a challenge to work with them.

However, my reaction was not one of complaint. Rather, I was amused at the way these students chose to express themselves.

I applaud them for being individuals and I applaud the school for letting them do so.

Growing up and going out into the world involves making choices and WCHS is letting students make them with their graduation photos.