New restaurant to move in next to Christy's

Erin Wood
Double D Diner is set to open in September next to Christy’s Place. Both are owned by Pat and Chris Webb. The new restaurant will offer a diverse menu, including homemade pizza, burgers and breakfast, which will be served 24 hours a day on weekends.

Chris Webb said she hopes the community support she and her husband have received at the popular Washington bar Christy’s Place will carry over to their new business endeavor, Double D Diner.

The restaurant, attached to Christy’s Place, opens early to mid September, taking the place of packaging store Pack It Right, which moved to a new location in April.

Webb said she and her husband, Pat, decided to open the restaurant partly because customers expressed a desire for food at the bar.

“People sit there for a beer at lunch or dinner and would really like to have something to eat,” Webb said. “We asked people what they thought about the idea of an attached restaurant, and they were excited about it.

“It will be a good marriage,” she added. “We’re going to cut a hole in the wall, so people sitting at the bar can get something to eat while drinking a beer and enjoying the game.”

Webb said the diner will have a diverse menu, including a variety of sandwiches, burgers, homemade pizza and other entrees. It also will have breakfast, offering favorites like biscuits and gravy.

Double D’s hours are not definite yet, but at the beginning they will be 10 or 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and the diner will be open continuously from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon to offer night owls a bite to eat on the weekends.

“Right now, there’s really no place in Washington to eat breakfast until about 6 a.m.,” Webb said. “If you want breakfast at 2 a.m., you have to drive to Peoria.”

Double D, named after Webb’s sons, David and Daniel, will not have a liquor license. Patrons of Christy’s Place can order food at the bar, but they cannot take their alcohol into the diner.

The diner will have about four or five tables and someone at the counter to take orders, Webb said. She has hired one cook but plans to hire several more to cover all the shifts and help out in what she is hoping will be a busy kitchen.

Webb admitted she and her husband do not have much experience in managing a restaurant but are eager to give it a try.

“We are clueless in some ways, and we have no idea how it will pan out,” she said. “But Pat and I are lifelong residents of Washington, and we’ve had great community support with Christy’s Place.”

Webb said she plans to cater to her customers.

“If  you come in and want something different, by golly, if we can make it, you’ll have it,” she said. “We are here to please.”