BLOG: Why do we have political conventions?

Donelle Pardee Whiting

Conundrum: 1) a riddle, the answer to which involves a pun or play on words, 2) anything that puzzles.

I am at that point because the other night my husband decided to watch the Republican National Convention.

I am not sure why. We didn't watch the Democratic one. In fact, aside from seeing coverage of the presidential race in the newspapers — I am partial to print meda — I have been trying to avoid the ballyhoo.

And ballyhoo it is.

The conundrum started when the Republican party had its primary elections to determine that party's candidate. But the Democratic party primaries continued on and on and on. It was worse than watching the Energizer bunny.

I don't understand why the Democrats could continue to hold primaries, and thus garnering all the media attention, long after the Republicans were decided. It does not seem fair or balanced to me.

Once the primaries were over, the real frenzy began. Interviews on late night shows, such as Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, etc. Shows that focus more on comedy and entertainment. It seems cheap to see interviews with both Barack Obama and John McCain in the same format that Pamela Anderson flaunts her chest, or some comedian promos his next movie or there are stupid pet tricks.

I guess it allows the candidates to show they have a human side, that they are not just all bureaucracy and politics. That may even have a sense of humor.

Regardless, the conundrum continues. I just have a hard time understanding why, when it has already been decided in the primaries who the candidates are, we have to endure the rah-rah sessions that are the national conventions.

Sure, it makes it official that Obama and McCain will face off, and Biden and Palin will also contribute to the insanity that is the elections.

Well, at least the conventions are over and I can get back to mind-numbing, don't have to think prime time TV.

But, buckle your seatbelts, because until after Nov. 4 it is going to be a bumpy, name calling, barb throwing ride. Let's hope we can actually get past all that and make informed decisions based on the issues and what the candidates stand for.

Oh, and also who we believe is telling the more of a truth on who will let us of the rollercoaster we are on now.