Westgate undergoes repairs

Christina Smith

With two large road projects this spring and summer, Washington officials expect to spend about $1.2 million on road work.

On April 28, P.A. Atherton employees began removing curb, gutter and sidewalks along Westgate Road, between Hampton and Devonshire Road, to prepare for installing new curb, gutter and sidewalks.

Newman said the section of Westgate under construction is only open to one-way, eastbound traffic until the project is completed.

City administrator Bob Morris said at the end of each work day, the contractors re-open Westgate for local traffic only.

“We are trying to minimize through traffic because it can get congested with the construction equipment,” Morris said, adding there will be times when the road is completely closed.

Although the contractors have two months to finish the work, Newman said the curb, gutter and sidewalks could be completed by mid-June, weather permitting.

Morris said this summer R.A. Cullinan employees will repave all of Westgate, from Devonshire to Newcastle Road, with new milling and asphalt.

“The pavement is in really bad shape,” Morris said.

In March, Newman said storm drainage improvements were made along Westgate.

Newman said the storm drain work, and the curb and gutter work together, cost about $640,000.

Upcoming road projects

In addition to the work on Westgate, the city is planning other street repair work.

Morris said Muller Road is scheduled to be reconstructed.

“Most of (Muller Road) is concrete, which will be removed with the curb, gutter and driveway approaches,” Morris said.

A new asphalt road will replace the concrete sections, while the current asphalt sections will be repaved.  

“Work on Muller was expected to start last week (April 21), but we are still waiting on final approval from the Illinois Department of Transportation in Springfield,” Newman said.

Newman said Muller Road improvements will cost about $540,000.  

Morris said sealcoating work throughout town will also take place this summer.

Newman said portions of the following subdivisions or streets will be sealcoated: Oak Creek; Brentwood on South Cummings Lane; and Rolling Meadows.

Other possible projects, include mill and overlay work on south Wilmor, off Peoria Street, and on north Wilmor and Newcastle Road.

“We might hold off with the work on north Wilmor and Newcastle Road because of the school construction project at Central Grade School,” Newman said. “We haven’t decided whether or not we are going to do any work on Wilmor yet.”