Washington Area Community Center board needs restructuring

Donelle Pardee Whiting

Despite being open since Oct. 1, Five Points Washington does not have a new

governing board.

According to Section 3A2b of the intergovernmental agreement signed in April

2003 by the five entities involved with the $21.3 million community center,

a new WACC board of directors was to be formed upon completion of the


The five entities are the city of Washington, Washington Park District,

Washington District Library, Washington Community High School and the

existing WACC.

With the delay in the formation of a new board, the library board sent a

letter to the WACC board of directors March 4 asking them to follow through

on restructuring the board.

According to the letter, the library board said it is time to move forward.

WCHS superintendent Dr. Jim Dunnan said part of the delay is because of a

concern about unsigned user agreements between the community center and the

high school and park district.

Dunnan said the school board has been negotiating the terms of the user

agreement with Five Points.

The school board previously expressed concerns over the governing structure

of the WACC board.

According to the intergovernmental agreement, the new board of directors

will have seven WACC members and one each from the remaining four entities.

Dunnan said as the facility neared completion, it became apparent there

needed to be more equitable representation.

Jim Bremmer said he thinks the park district is getting close to signing its

user agreement.