Council members stress common sense in winter

Donelle Pardee Whiting

Despite recent mild temperatures, Washington is still in winter’s grip, and Ward 4 alderman Dave Dingledine said residents need to remember to use common sense.

Dingledine said he wanted to reiterate that residents should not put snow back in the streets when clearing driveways.

Dingledine said he noticed some residents plowing out driveways and leaving the snow in the street after city crews cleared the road.

Ward 1 alderman Jim Newman agreed, saying it creates a potential hazard.

Newman added that he noticed residents do the same with snowblowers.

Mayor Gary Manier said it is especially a problem at intersections.

Council members agreed that the city crews are doing a remarkable job keeping Washington streets clear during the winter.

Ward 2 Alderman Don Brubaker said city crews have been very generous when clearing streets by going around parked vehicles when they could be towed.

City manager Bob Morris said it takes city workers 12 hours to touch every street in Washington at least once.

With recent heavy fog and more snow on the way, the Washington Police Department also urges residents to drive safely and use common sense.

Drivers are reminded to use their headlights when the weather is hazy and foggy, in addition to when it is raining and snowing.

Although police remind drivers to be aware of their speed, drivers are also reminded to reduce their speed when driving in inclement weather.

According to police, there was only one vehicle accident within city limits.

All other calls Monday were agency assist calls for Tazewell County Sheriff, Illinois State Police and East Peoria police.