Amie’s Music Together teaches music to parents, their young children

Donelle Pardee Whiting

Washington parents and their youngsters will have the opportunity to learn first-hand about Music Together, a nationwide music program.

Amie Yaniak will give a Music Together presentation at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Washington District Library.

Yaniak teaches the 45-minute Music Together class once a week at Crossroads United Methodist Church in Washington.

Each class is 10 weeks long and there are fall and winter classes.

Music Together, Yaniak said, is a class that teaches tonal and rhythm patterns in a fun, musical way to children ages birth to 5.

Yaniak said she teaches the parents to use harmonies and melodies when they are with their children.

Parents are very important because they are a model for their children, Yaniak said, adding, she encourages parents to go home and sing or hum with their children.

Yaniak uses what she calls different vocables. She said it allows children and their parents to sing freely without  needing to know the words.

The idea is to make up a song, Yaniak said, to introduce children to the sounds.

“They develop rhythm and tonality that way,” she added.

Yaniak is a music therapist with a degree in music therapy and a bachelor’s in music.

“I have been trained in the program,” Yaniak said.

Every song is researched and there is a book with about 30 songs.

There are also CDs and a “Music Together at Home” DVD.

As part of the program, Yaniak used instruments like shakers and sticks.

The children play along to the song, she said, adding they also spend time with free play.

The program also incorporates dance and a capella singing.

For more information about the program and classes, visit, or call 444-1959.