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Jennifer Leet and John Masear were among the 21 people who went to Peoria’s sister city, Friedrichshafen, Germany, through the Friends of Friedrichshafen.

During the three-week trip, they will live with a separate host family and become immersed in everyday German culture and family life. Several group events will bring all local youth and their host families together, including summer festivals, beach parties, and trips to Munich and medieval villages in the area. During the group’s visit, the city of Friedrichshafen will unveil an exhibit of photos and artifacts from the 30 years of youth exchanges.


Three students from Central Illinois anchor the baritone section of the Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps, based in La Crosse, Wis.

Kevin Guth of Washington, Mark Donahue of Morton and Corbin Huber of Fairbury are traveling more than 16,000 miles this summer as the Blue Stars tour the country competing against other world class corps.

The students began training in November and attended monthly weekend camps until May 24 when they reported for the summer. They now face long days of training begin at 7 a.m. that culminate in evening performances and then an overnight bus ride to the next location.

Drum corps shows are intense, choreographed musical performances that are staged on a football field. This year’s Blue Stars show is entitled “Le Tour: Every Second Counts.”

The Blue Stars have so far toured the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest. They spent the Fourth of July in the Pittsburgh area where they marched in several parades.

Next, they will travel to the Northeast before moving on to the Drum Corps International Finals in Bloomington, Ind., Aug. 7 to 9. The students will then come back home and prepare to return to school. Guth will be heading to Woodbury University in Burbank, Calif.

This Week's Birthdays:

• Cheryl Russell turns 49 today.

• Liz Reed turns 70 Thursday.

• David Stevenart turns 1 Thursday.

• Kelly Sarver celebrates her birthday Thursday.

• Maddi Cave turns 5 Friday.

• Isaac Miller turns 2 Saturday.

• Kaylee Hietter turns 9 Saturday.

• Greg Butler turns 16 Sunday.

• Chris Weir turns 20 Sunday.

• Jack Moehle turns 1 Sunday.

• Ross Nieukirk celebrates his birthday Monday.