The Blend adds drive-thru service

Donelle Pardee Whiting

Despite a troubled economy, Washington’s coffee lovers continue to feed their need for a morning jolt from The Blend.

Owner Yvonne Andresen said she is always looking for ways to offer more to her customers.

In line with that is her purchase of the former Mountain Mudd coffee hut next to Washington Family Restaurant.

“Drive-thru is very popular,” Andresen said. “There are people who, for whatever reason, prefer not to get out of their car.”

She used an example of a mother with small children.

Although the signs are in place, there is still work to be done before The Blend express can open.

Andresen said the old owners would haul in clean water and haul out the dirty water.

However, she added, the health department frowns on that practice.

So, she has to wait until the hut can be hooked up to the city’s water and sewer lines.

“Once that is done, things will move faster,” Andresen said.

The menu will be similar to the coffee shop, but scaled down, she said, adding that there will also be things at the kiosk that are not at the shop.

Because she started packaging the baked goods, Andresen will be able to offer some bakery items at the drive-thru.

Other changes on the horizon for The Blend is live music once a week.

Andresen said she plans to offer all different variety of music.

There are is also art on display on a rotating basis.

“I want to start a meet the artist night,” Andresen said.

“And I would like to have classes about the roasting process,” she said. “So many people don’t understand the different types of coffee and the roasting process.”

Andresen said she wants those nights to beelegant, similar to a wine tasting with speakers and coffee tasting.

Because of The Blend’s success, Andresen said JH Car Wash provided eight spaces in the lot between the car wash and Uftring’s used car lot.

In addition, she said, Russell’s Cycle and Fitness allows additional parking.

There is a door into The Blend to the right of Russell’s.

“They have been wonderful neighbors wanting us to succeed,” she said.