NationalCity picks site based on customer base

Donelle Pardee Whiting

In looking at its branch network, NationalCity decided it would be beneficial to open a bank in Washington.

Terri Wilson, vice president of media relations, said it is common practice for the bank to evaluate and retool its network constantly.

Decisions are based on geography of existing branches and the customer base, she said.

Wilson said the bank, currently under construction next to Wal-Mart at McClugage Road and Freedom Parkway, is expected to be open in mid-November.

“We like to have clusters to make banking easier for our customers,” Wilson added, saying the branch in Washington will make banking more convenient for customers who live in town.

It will be a full-service branch with drive-up ATM service and windows.

In addition to regular retail banking services, such as checking, savings and certificates of deposit, the bank will provide small business banking, mortgage services and some agricultural lending, Wilson said.

Traditionally, NationalCity closes its doors early one afternoon in September, and employees provide community service work for local not-for-profit organizations.

Even though the Washington branch will not be open, Wilson said, the employees who have already been hired will spend the afternoon of Sept. 24 doing landscaping for Northern Tazewell Recreation Association.

In case of rain, the employees will be cleaning the concession stands at the baseball fields.

Wilson said the employees have a lot of fun participating in Community Appreciation Day.

“It is a chance to see fellow employees in an atmosphere other than work,” she said.

NationalCity is the 10th largest bank in the United States, with banks and other businesses in Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

“Our home offices are in Ohio,” Wilson said, “and we have been in Illinois for about 11 years.”