City council approves new self-storage facility

Donelle Pardee Whiting

Washington City Council members approved a special use permit to Bill Krumholz for his property at 882 School St. at their Monday night meeting.

Krumholz, who owns a self-storage facility in Northpoint Shopping Center in Peoria, petitioned the council so he could build five self-storage buildings on the School Street property.

However neighborhood residents were not happy with that idea.

Jim Murphy, and others, are afraid the storage facility will have a negative impact on the neighborhood.

Three residents said they were also bothered by the closeness of the property to Beverly Manor School.

They all agreed they were concerned that students would gather among the storage buildings to drink, do drugs, etc.

After listening to residents’ concerns at their July 7 meeting, city leaders discussed certain conditions to the acceptance of the permit.

Those conditions include fencing around the facility, with screening on the sides that face residential properties, in order to provide privacy to homeowners.

In addition, to deter trespassing, Krumholz must include a security gate, with either a key card or coded entry system.

There were also conditions stating lighting must be of a lower wattage and mounted on the building in order to prevent bright lights disturbing neighbors.

Alderman Scott Clanin also suggested that access be limited to certain hours of the day.

Although residents were invited to the July 14 committee of the whole meeting, none were present.

However, two were present at Monday’s meeting and voiced their satisfaction with the conditions after Mayor Gary Manier asked if they were happy with the results.

In other business, council members also:

• asked city administrator Bob Morris to contact CityLink and investigate possible costs to return bus service to Washington. The city has not had bus service for about 15 to 20 years.

Elderly residents who no longer drive and rising gas prices prompted the request.