Grocery shortages will ease within a week, says a leader in the food-chain coordination effort.

“There is plenty of food in this country. There is no food shortage,” said Clay Detlefsen, senior vice president of regulatory and environmental affairs for the National Milk Producers Federation and private-sector chair of the Food and Agriculture Sector Coordinating Council, during a recent NMPF podcast. “We have a bit of a distribution problem caused largely by consumers, in essence, over-consuming.”

The information came in a news release issued Thursday by NMPF.

While coronavirus-related challenges to food supply chains go well beyond store shelves, the good news is, the private sector and government coordination is “light years” better than in past crises such as Hurricane Katrina, said Detlefsen. The Food and Agriculture Sector Coordinating Council, set up after the 9/11 terror attacks to share information between government agencies and private businesses, now has years of experience dealing with food-chain crises and has been dealing with coronavirus concerns for weeks.

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