PEORIA — The second phase of Business and Engineering Convergence Center construction at Bradley University has begun.

It won't be long, then, before another longstanding building on campus is razed.

Demolition of Jobst Hall is expected to begin sometime in February or March, a campus email sent Wednesday suggested. The aging building housed much of the university's engineering curriculum.

Asbestos abatement at Jobst was underway, the email stated. That task is expected to be completed in mid-February.

Weather is among the variables that might affect demolition completion.

The first phase of the Convergence Center opened late last year. It occupies the area Baker Hall, the seat of Bradley's business programs, once did along Main Street.

Contractors have been putting finishing touches on the first phase, according to the university.

Bradley residence halls are to open Sunday for the second semester of the current academic year. Classes are to begin Jan. 22.