PEKIN — A Peoria man began a four-year, two-month prison term this week for possessing with intent to sell cocaine in Pekin last year.

Clifford Tompkins, 39, pleaded guilty Monday to the charge after it was reduced from a more serious one that carried a possible 30-year prison sentence.

Pekin police stopped a vehicle Tompkins was driving with passenger Katrina Linwood, 29, also of Peoria, for traffic violations in June 2018. Linwood was found possessing a baggie with about 26 grams of cocaine that she said Tompkins gave her to hide as the officer stopped the car, court records stated.

Another four grams in a bag also were found in the car, along with $1,214 in cash in Tompkins’ pocket, records stated.

A cocaine possession charge against Linwood was dismissed last month.