An analysis conducted last month by the Tax Foundation of the American Petroleum Institute shows that Illinois has the third-highest state and local motor fuel tax in the country at 54.98 cents per gallon.

Only California, at 61.2 cents per gallon, and Pennsylvania, at 58.7 cents per gallon, have higher tax rates. The states with the lowest gas taxes in the United States are Alaska at 14.66 cents per gallon, Missouri at 17.2 cents, and Mississippi at 18.4 cents.

Tyler Porter of Morton is not in favor of high gas taxes and correspondingly high prices. However, he is not averse to paying higher taxes if the funds generated to address such issues as infrastructure, education and job creation.

“I think gas prices should be cheap,” he said. “If the (revenue) is used for the right purpose, I’m okay with it.”

In July 2018, the state and local motor fuel tax rate in Illinois was 37.32: the 10th highest in the United States. Like Porter, Stacey Gumm of East Peoria would accept the idea of higher taxes provided that tax revenue is used for the good of Illinois’ citizens. Unfortunately, she believes that has not been the case.

“I’m not happy with the increase by any means,” she said. “If I thought it was going to a good use, I’d be okay with it. But I don’t really think our tax money ever goes to a good use. They’ve been raising the price of gas for 10 to 15 years and our roads still look the same. (The money should be spent) on our roads, our schools and our bridges.”