Good morning, troops. It's Wednesday, July 10.

From an outside perspective, Tammy Stimson has been involved in government processes. Now, she appears eager to see it from the inside.

Barring anything unforeseen, Stimson is likely to join the Tazewell County Board soon.

The rural Mackinaw resident is to replace Seth Mingus, who resigned in May as one of seven board members from District 3.

Mingus was elected earlier this year to the East Peoria City Council. That necessitated his resignation from the County Board.

As a replacement, Board Chairman David Zimmerman selected Stimson, who like Mingus is a Republican. During its meeting July 31, the board is likely to consider Stimson's nomination.

Stimson, 52, is controller at G.A. Rich & Sons Inc., a Deer Creek-based mechanical and utility contractor.

As part of her work experience, Stimson has served on the board of a lobbying group that represents mechanical subcontractors and suppliers. That responsibility includes working with state legislators.

"It has opened my eyes to how government works," Stimson said. "Not just when the General Assembly passes a new law and the governor signs it, but all the background that goes into developing the rules and how that new legislation is going to actually be enforced.

"It sometimes can be a long, drawn-out process on how you have to get a lot of different organizations to work together to get something passed. It's been very rewarding but very educational."

Stimson has not served in public office. She said he doesn't have any specific agenda regarding the board but wanted to get involved with government.

Fellow Mackinaw-area resident and longtime board member Mike Harris encouraged Stimson, a Drake University graduate who is married with two children.

The term for which Mingus ran and won last year doesn't expire until 2022. Stimson would have to decide by later this year if she wants to run in 2020 to fill the remainder of the term.

"I want to kind of get involved and make sure it's a right fit for me," she said. "I think so, but again, I want to fill this seat and definitely make sure this is where I can make the best contribution."

District 3 consists of Boynton, Deer Creek, Fondulac, Hittle, Little Mackinaw, Mackinaw and Washington townships.

The song heard on the way to work doesn't suggest Stimson nor any other current or would-be board member is badder than old King Kong, nor meaner than a junkyard dog.