Tazewell County and Peoria County schools could be operating on a greener level this school year.

At a Tuesday afternoon meeting, Peoria County Recycling Educator Becca Cottrell will pitch local schools on a composting initiative that she hopes they can begin in the fall.

“Obviously, it can be implemented at any point throughout the school year, but this would be an opportunity (for the schools) to get the year started right,” said Cottrell.

The program would feature commercial composting executed by East Peoria based composting service Better Earth Logistics.

Commercial composting means the schools would be able to compost more than just fruits and vegetables. Paper items could be composted, in addition to most of the schools food waste, she said.

She said there are schools in both counties, she believes, that compost on site—things like banana peels and apple cores — but said the program she's pitching on Tuesday afternoon goes further.

“This is just a much more inclusive program to divert almost all of their food scraps,” said Cottrell.

Cottrell said the program is two fold: it creates more sustainable schools and offers exposure to composting to the students at the schools.

“Starting with kids makes a great deal of sense, simply because that’s an education they can carry throughout their lives and also take home with them,” said Cottrell.

Cottrell said only Hollis Grade School in Bartonville is signed up for this program so far, but she hopes after Tuesday afternoon other schools may be interested to implement the program in the future.