PEKIN — Confused who your township clerk is, or who's on your local school boards?

A new feature for Tazewell County residents helps answer those questions just by entering an address online.

The "Who's My Elected Official?" site available through the county's GIS department and county clerk's office sites is a collaboration between both offices.

It marries together a database of elected officials maintained by the clerk's office along with boundaries for those districts also kept by the map-making GIS office.

It allows voters to more easily see who represents them, County Clerk John Ackerman said, helping parents of schoolkids, real estate agents selling homes, and even a citizen pondering for whom they'd like to cast a ballot.

"Election day, I can't tell you all the calls we got, 'I thought I was in this district,'" Ackerman said.

Similar sites are in use in other counties, including Champaign.

This one (available in the links at will be updated to show both current boundaries and the boundaries after maps are redrawn following the 2020 Census, GIS coordinator Janna Baker said. That will affect local elections in 2021 and state legislative, congressional and County Board elections in 2022.

Residents can also find their elected officials in the regularly published "county yearbook" detailing elected officials as well as various county offices. It's available online at the clerk's office site as well as in printed form from officeholders.

This year, staff in the clerk's office worked to include school district officials in the publication for the first time, and the online version will be updated regularly to reflect any resignations or appointments to fill vacancies, Ackerman said.

It also includes photos of many elected officials for the first time, said Dan Sullivan, the chief deputy clerk.

"For people not really involved with politics, it's nice that if they have a name and a face together they can come to the courthouse and if they're looking for someone" they know who it is, he said.