Tazewell County

Marriage license applications filed Jan. 16-22:

Cristian Cortez, 23, Francesville, Ind,; Brianna Van Schaick, 27, Plover, Wis.

Michael Thyne, 43; Stacey Zima, 43; both Morton.


Marriage license applications filed Jan. 25-29:

Jay Diegel, 41; Trisha Beeney, 33; both Pekin.

Terry Hoerr, 56; Carolyn Spencer, 56; both Pekin.

John Legrand, 49; Diane Faivre, 51; both Washington.


Woodford County

Marriage license application filed Jan. 25:

Lesly Strahm, 38, Sabetha, Kan.; Kaylene Wiegand, 27, Eureka.




Tazewell County

Divorce decrees filed Jan. 1-21:

Davis, Douglas and Kim.

Fields, Joshua and Savannah.

Gebhart, Michele and Cooper, Larry II.

Gould, Thomas and Lindsay.

Haley, Sharyl and Lawrence.

Harland, Richard and Padgett, Alexis.

Lowe, Jason and Dayna.

Maloney, Thomas and Sandra.

Oltman, Terry and Angela.

Singh, Navprit and Stephens, Amber.

Turner-Tucker, Tamara and Tucker, David.

Waldemar, Bonnie and Douglas.


Divorce decrees filed Jan. 29:

Barlow, James and Mandy.

Brunkalla, Samuel and Duncan, Alexa.

Dille, Austin and Heather.

Denny, Kerri and Kyle.

Muddy, Shawn and Nicole.

Pulliam, May and Kevin.


Woodford County