Good morning, troops. It's Friday, Feb. 1.

It appears at least part of the Winter From Heck (TM) is over, with the snow and subzero temperatures dissipating and darn-near tropical weather in store this weekend. (Never will have 50 degrees felt so warm.)

The rough climate the past few days brought most of central Illinois to a standstill. School was canceled. Businesses were closed.

Concerts weren't performed. Not when they were supposed to be performed, anyway.

That was what happened Wednesday night at the Peoria Civic Center, which was to play host to a show by American heavy-metal band Disturbed. But the record-breaking cold disturbed the schedule.

The show was postponed. Often when that happens, the shows are rescheduled for some semi-distant date.

In this case, it turned out Disturbed had a night off Thursday from its tour. (Peoria is one of the smallest locations among the 27 domestic dates.) Thus, Thursday became the new date for the concert, with opening act Three Days Grace.

The rescheduled performance went well, it appears.

Nick in the Morning isn't sure what the Disturbed and Three Days Grace band members, nor their entourages, did with all their free time (expected and unexpected) in our fair city.

But we do know Disturbed's lead singer had one of his favorite charcuterie plates of all time. At least that's what David Draiman posted to his Facebook page.

Draiman and a friend apparently visited Tannins & Hops, a Warehouse District speakeasy, for drinks and eats Tuesday night. Wonder if either knew the password required for entry?

Among the items on the Tannins & Hops menu are more than a dozen charcuterie choices.

Charcuterie is a branch of cooking that specializes in prepared meat, often from pork.

Bacon, ham, sausage, pates. Seasoned, smoked, cured. Perhaps four or five varieties per plate. Cheeses and breads sometimes accompany them.

The Tannins & Hops take on it impressed Draiman, evidently.

"This place is legit," he posted.

Tannins & Hops owner Bryan Harlan told us he didn't see or speak with Draiman. But executive chef Jimmy Moushon did, apparently. He said Draiman was a great guy and that he might visit again Wednesday, with bandmates in tow.

Alas, that didn't happen, according to Harlan. Presumably, Disturbed left town after the Civic Center show to get to Minneapolis, where the band was to perform Friday night.

We also presume Draiman didn't come down with the sickness post-charcuterie.

If any of the Disturbed/Three Days Grace guys were spotted elsewhere in town, please let us know. We'll assume neither band performed a cover of the song heard on the way to work.