PEORIA — A man suspected of using counterfeit $20 bills to purchase a phone at a cellular phone store later told police that he’d gotten the fake money from a man he’d sold his computer to, according to Peoria police reports.

The man told police that he originally asked $500 for his Dell Inspiron computer, but the man bargained him down to $400. Then the buyer gave him $420 and told him to keep the change. The man later found out that only $20 of the money he received was real, according to the report.

After selling the computer, the man went to Metro PCS, 3125 N. University St., to buy a new phone. The clerk discovered the money was fake, and the man left the store, paying for a cab with the one real $20 bill. When he arrived back at his boyfriend’s apartment, where the computer sale had taken place, he saw it had been burglarized, the report said. He called 911 and told police he suspected the computer buyer of the burglary.