WASHINGTON —Illinois American Water is beginning its annual maintenance program, which includes testing and flushing fire hydrants. This work helps to ensure continued water quality and fire protection to homes and businesses. Work will begin on Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018 and continue through the week.

Illinois American Water conducts an annual flushing program of its water distribution system to help ensure continued high‐quality water service. Flushing the water system entails sending a rapid flow of water through the water mains.

Fire hydrants are also checked and operated to help ensure fire protection in the community “The flushing program is designed to maintain a high quality of water in the distribution system and to inspect and operate fire hydrants to assure they are in good working order,” said Eric Larson, operations superintendent.

No interruptions in water service will occur as a result of the work. Illinois American Water advises that when crews are flushing nearby, customers may experience a temporary drop in water pressure or draw some discolored water for a short period of time. If this does occur, it is recommended that customers let their cold water run to clear before using it again and refrain from doing laundry during that time.

Customers are being notified of this work via media outreach, customer calls and information on Illinois American Water's website at www.illinoisamwater.com. Information is also provided to customer service center representatives.

For additional information, customers can visit or contact Illinois American Water’s customer service center at 1‐800‐422‐2782.