These transactions, recorded the week of July 2, are compiled from information on file with the respective counties. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.


2912 W. Kenwood Ave., West Peoria, Sean J. and Amanda M. Cassidy to Ellen Adams, $79,500.

1402 Hamilton Blvd., Peoria, SSR Property Investments LLC to Jesse and Rachel Mitchell, $81,500.

4427 N. California Ave., Peoria Heights, Danny L. and Susan L. Alwan to Steven G. and Nacole Freeman, $88,740.

626 S. Kickapoo Lane, Peoria, Joshua Hartseil to Randall Ray, $89,000.

125 E. Glen Ave., Unit 214B, Peoria, Gloria Christian to Harry A. Carter Trust, $90,000.

9535 N. Brookview Drive, Peoria, Christopher R. and Amanda Cahill to Michael and Suzette Long, $92,000.

5106 N. Renwood Drive, Peoria, Carlos and Lisa Romero to Dalton Wittenauer, $92,000.

5824 N. Western Ave., Peoria, Tenessa Brewer to Chance A. Dowds, $94,000.

4210 N. Northbrook Court, Peoria, Thomas L. Itschner, John D. Itschner, James J. Itschner, Joseph R. Itschner, Mary Ann Loyet and Mark T. Itschner to Richard J. Rhodes and Angelica Garza Rhodes, $95,000.

127 E. Frances Ave., Peoria, Rickey C. and Vickie R. Ridge to Monique M. and Erik Norman, $96,000.

3210 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria, Cartus Financial Corp. to Mary E. Voelker, $105,000.

1934 W. White Oak Drive, Peoria, Charles Z. Owens to Russell and Karyn Palmer, $106,000.

5407 N. Stephen Drive, Peoria, Sasha Moredock to Stephen Trainor and Michelle Elliott, $107,500.

304 S. Santa Fe Ave., Princeville, Samuel B. and Dorothy A. Hyde to Darren A. Albertson, $108,000.

1420 W. Kenwick Lane, Peoria, Michael F. Barlow and Judith L. Marchulones to Leroy O. Mack Jr. and Jolonda C. Young, $110,000.

1932 W. Austin Drive, Peoria, Mark E. and Lautrecia B. King to Hong T. and Huana H. Lee, $111,000.

1412 W. Christine Ave., Peoria, Jacob and Tia Ashcraft to Jessica K. Albert, $112,000.

1349 W. Tobi Lane, Peoria, George A. Blowe to Michelle L. McCormick, $114,000.

324 W. Stonegate Road, Peoria, Zilda L. Delgado, John Seipold and Sonia Nunez-Crespo to Joshua and Rachel S. Banks, $116,000.

212 S. Bellevue Ave., Peoria, Grant Haffner and Mary K. Goforth to Waylon and Jaycie Stecken, $125,000.

1826 S. Timber Court, Peoria, Stephen W. Stafford, Cheryl K. Stafford and Karen S. Stafford to Nichole R. Gomez, $127,000.

15517 N. Vonachen Drive, Chillicothe, Jeffrey D. and Christina Stedman to Jeremy Deffenbaugh and Stephanie Henderson, $129,900.

331 N. Longbow Drive, Peoria, Sara E. Gales to Jason E. and Kimberley M. Adkins, $130,000.

9345 W. Darlington Drive, Mapleton, Jeffrey M. and Jamie Patterson to Robert A. and Tracy Phillips, $132,000.

4209 N. Keenland Ave., Peoria, Baxter B. Fite Jr. and Marsha K. Zielinski to Kevin J. Barlow and Carl L. Murphy, $134,000.

2007 W. Westbrook Drive, Peoria, Osman and Janan El Chami to Andrew and Leah Melendy, $135,000.

6535 N. Imperial Drive, Peoria, Joseph W. and Bertha F. Januzik to Sasha L. Moredock, $135,600.

6911 N. Michele Lane, Peoria, Stephen F. and Tracy L. Darche to Justin A. and Pamela L. Morales, $139,900.

6623 N. Greenmont Road, Peoria, Jonathan and Holly W. Kilkenny to Donivine and Payton M. Stewart, $145,500.

7008 N. Patton Lane, Peoria, Thomas G. Smith to Devon L. Blount, $146,000.

209 N. Pinkerton Road, Hanna City, Peter J. Nash, Matthew A. Nash and Melissa Laspisa to Zachary Ledbetter and Rebecca Cannon, $150,000.

14012 W. Glasford-Canton Road, Glasford, June R. Hamilton to Christopher and Amanda Cahill, $152,000.

308 W. Northland Ave., Peoria, Terry Schmider to Joseph R. and Patricia A. Hanley, $152,000.

9010 N. Picture Ridge Road, Peoria, John T. Bean and Lark E. Fisher to Megan Yentes, $154,000.

9904 N. Barbados Drive, Peoria, Terry R. and Barbara D. Frans to Kathleen M. Sherman, $155,000.

 3407 W. Capitol Drive, Peoria, Dennis L. and Denise A. Carr to Esther Chang, $155,000.

6603 N. Brookwood Lane, Peoria, Jeffrey and Elana D. Bowman to Scott Walden, $155,000.

110 W. Ash St. and 403 N. Third St., Dunlap, Robert P. Fredericks to Steven A. and Cathy L. McKown, $157,000.

14309 N. Ivy Lake Road, Chillicothe, Alissa M. Pelosi to Douglas A. Bishop, $172,500.

924 W. Oakview Drive, Peoria, Blake L. and Emily Smith to Stephen M. and Jennifer N. Dando, $178,000.

6115 S. Navajo Drive, Peoria, Cari and Amanda J. Gordon-Sandberg to Marcus and Alyssa Brockett, $180,000.

732 W. South Forest Trail, Peoria, Rebecca Pomeroy to David W. and Tara K. Martin, $185,000.

9926 W. Guinivere Drive, Mapleton, Alan J. Bogardus to Antonio and Maria Lafata, $187,000.

9613 W. Guinivere Court, Mapleton, Grant A. Jr. and Pamela B. Sornson to Jeremiah and Rachel Johnson, $188,000.

4806 W. Woodway Drive, Peoria, National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Perry J. Thuente and Wendy M. Curin Thuente, $192,000.

4806 W. Woodway Drive, Peoria, Keneth J. and Danielle A. Reaves to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $198,500.

404 S. Breckenridge Drive, Dunlap, Jacob L. and Melissa D. Adams to Russell L. and Joy A. Adams, $200,000.

4502 W. Broyhill Court, Peoria, Joseph A. and Sheryl L. Glad to Susan M. Haag and Jaclyn M. Packard, $220,000.

1631 W. Meadowview Drive, Dunlap, Jaisimha Suresh and Jyothsna Kalvala to Quamrul Ehsan, $223,000.

1932 W. Willow Crest Drive, Peoria, Donald and Velma Hoerr and Donald L. Hoerr II to Dorothy Erbe, $228,500.

10716 N. Lauraline Court, Peoria, Monte G. and Jennifer S. Mathews to Jonathan and Dawn Getz, $250,000.

2203 W. Earl Court, Peoria, Jeremy B. Niedens to Osman and Janan El Chami, $270,000.

1413 W. Harborway Drive, Chillicothe, James and Meridith Anderson to Cartus Financial Corp., $278,000.

1413 W. Harborway Drive, Chillicothe, Cartus Financial Corp. to Vincent D. and Kathleen K. Jones, $278,000.

2640 W. Stonehenge Court, Peoria, Amarnath R.J. Nagaraj and Mayuri Rangdal to Cartus Financial Corp., $290,000.

2640 W. Stonehenge Court, Peoria, Cartus Financial Corp. to Shashank Mupparapu and Shailaja Varma, $290,000.

6300 W. Clairemont Court, Edwards, Kumud Dahal and Bandana Pathak to Jarod and Shanelle Clayberg, $300,000.

2909 W. Wessex Drive, Peoria, Shaun and Jo Ann Knapp to Malik A. Majeed and Hooma N. Khaliq, $310,000.

5603 W. Pottstown Road, Peoria, John L. and Anna M. Viviani to Karen H. Iversen, $319,000.

11117 N. Evans Mill Road, Princeville, Jeffrey A. Green to Harry and Cheryl Joyce, $360,000.

11405 N. Sycamore Creek Drive, Dunlap, David E. McCandless and Saman S. Sharif to Cartus Financial Corp., $380,000.

11405 N. Sycamore Creek Drive, Dunlap, Cartus Financial Corp. to Jason C. and Carolyn Spraker, $380,000.

11030 N. Ruby Court, Dunlap, Susan L. Catt to Sujata Subramanian and Srikanth Rajagopalan, $445,000.

4541 N. Miller Ave., Peoria Heights, Keith R. Wulffraat to Tyler D. and Laura Petersen, $575,000.

5300 W. War Memorial Drive, Peoria, Store Master Funding IV LLC to TNC Retail Investments LLC, $2,530,000.


401 Chestnut St., Pekin, Jason and Amy McClanahan to Patricia J. Meyer, $87,000.

104 Hamilton Road, Marquette Heights, David and Christa Hanna to Alson D. Woodrome, $93,000.

2529 Centennial Drive, Washington, Sharon E. Graf to Joshua W.F. Shrum, $110,000.

1005 Eisenhower Drive, Pekin, Jennifer M. Adkison to Megan A. Beach and Mark S. Schmit, $115,500.

106 Duever St., East Peoria, Clifford G. III and Danessa R. Quine to Leah M. Leas, $116,700.

408 Eldridge St., Washington, Richard W. Green to Douglas J. Coates, $126,000.

423 N. Lawndale Ave., Washington, Anthony R. and Martha A. DuBois and Mary T. Penn to Anthony H. Bolton Jr., $130,000.

219 Castle Lane, East Peoria, Thomas and Lori Wolff to Douglas R. Wiegand, $152,000.

318 Simon Drive, East Peoria, Robert and Carol Hicks to Douglas P. and Debra J. Mooberry, $156,900.

5 Scarborough Drive, Mackinaw, Richard R. and Linda J. Berg to Tetyana Ovsienko, $157,000.

205 Edgehill Court, East Peoria, Mark S. Beasley and Kimberly L. Hansen to Derek A. and Kara R. Powers, $157,500.

412 Wilshire Court, Washington, Joseph A. and Mary L. Jacke to Marcus A. and Nicole E. Wheeler, $160,000.

119 Pin Oak Drive, Pekin, Mark K. Walter to Thomas E. and Dina K. Bradley, $162,000.

24946 Pleasant View Road, Washington, Kevin M. and Anna J. Peters to Jaclyn A. Kuntz, Grant M. Peters and Jonathan A. and Elke M. Peters, $180,000.

408 S. Nelson Ave., Morton, Roger C. and Sally J. Renken to James P. and Rebecca L. Kelly, $188,000.

149 Arnold Road, East Peoria, Kyle W. King to Clifford G. III and Danessa R. Quine, $189,000.

1013 Kennedy Drive, Pekin, PNC Bank National Association to Dan and Lisa Rogers, $189,500.

111 Lexington Drive, Washington, Timothy L. and Beverly Turpin to Joe and Jennifer Greenwood, $195,000.

601 S. Main St., Washington, J. Alexander and Kelli J. McGlaghlin to Anthony V. and Samantha E. Martin, $219,900.

1717 Jadens Way, Washington, Brian M. Horton and Katherine E. Coyle-Horton to Joshua and Brittany Clarke, $220,000.

2618 Mayflower Drive, Pekin, Patricia J. Meyer to Joseph J. and Audrey L. Aimone, $236,500.

1307 Westminster Drive, Washington, Matthew J. and Sara J. Ervin to Michael and Alli Head, $259,000.

1408 Kensington Drive, Washington, Julie Fairies and Shelly Hansen to Matthew and Elizabeth Ward, $305,000.

2 Kara Court, Washington, Ryan and Amy Campbell to Cartus Financial Corporation, $331,000.

2 Kara Court, Washington, Cartus Financial Corporation to Brandon R. Moss, $331,000.

24846 Emanuel Lane, Tremont, Thomas L. and Marcella A. Byers to John K. Jr. and Amie M. Love, $355,000.

1025 Hillcrest Drive, Washington, Alan R. and Beth L. Black to Timothy and Beverly Turpin, $440,000.

67 Sapphire Point, Morton, Ted A. and Joyce E. Hirstein to Joseph D. and Traci A. Martin, $492,500.

103 E. State Route 22, Hopedale, DGOGHopedaleil LLC to DGHOIL001 LLC, $1,145,680.


Vacant land, Eureka, James R. and Ann K. Kellenberger to Nathaniel J. Louis, $85,000.

203 N. Rolla St., Eureka, Gary and Janet Williamson to Callan Clawson, $94,900.

1341 N. Countryside Court, Metamora, Rick M. and Terri Lynn Haas to Jessica Rustman, $227,000.

1007 Hickory Creek Court, Metamora, Boguslaw Balkowski and Christiane Ebert-Balkowski to Terry C. Jr. and Hillary M. Vaughn, $283,000.

408 Kingsbury Road, Metamora, D. Brent and Emily C. Crebo to Daniel Jr. and Jennifer L. Marquette, $285,000.

Vacant land, Woodford County, April R. Giannini to Robert S. Schertz, $347,200.

1100 Spring Bay Road, East Peoria, DGOGEastPeoriail03 LLC to Sure Sure Partners LLC, $1,431,000.