Good morning, troops. It's Tuesday, May 29.

Nick in the Morning hopes your holiday weekend was relaxing if you didn't have to work, unstressful if you did and full of air conditioning in either case. Going almost directly from 35 degrees to 95 degrees isn't quite what spring is supposed to be all about, is it?

The television fare for Memorial Day night was fairly hot, too. We flipped between the first game of the NHL Stanley Cup Final and the seventh game of the NBA Western Conference finals. (Big ups to Mr. Peoria, Shaun Livingston, and the Golden State Warriors earning yet another rematch with the Cleveland Cavaliers.)

But those who might not be as hockey- or basketball-centric might have watched another "sport" that featured a former NFL player from the Tri-County area.

The most recent season of the ABC reality series "The Bachelorette" debuted Monday night. The star of the show, the jilted Becca Kufrin, is to choose one lucky guy from among 28 who are vying for her affection.

Among them is none other than Colton Underwood, the pride of Washington Community High School, former local restaurateur and retired pro footballer.

Back in March, Underwood was revealed as a "Bachelorette" contestant. That was all well and good with us, because we like to see local boys and girls do good, even if we don't watch shows like "The Bachelorette." We figure middle-aged guys, even middle-aged bachelors, aren't the targeted demographic.

Lucky for us there are oodles of websites that crank out all sorts of "Bachelorette" facts, fictions and speculation.

According to this one, Underwood was one of 21 men who survived Kufrin's first cut. He might have survived more than that.

Another website reported Underwood ended up among Kufrin's final four. No word about progress beyond that.

Last week, "Bachelorette" host Chris Harrison listed Underwood among his five guys to watch. Harrison said Underwood is "very kind, the kind of guy who would never hurt a fly," but he has a secret that could be a problem.

What's the secret, you might ask? It can't be his previous relationship with Olympic gold-medal gymnast Aly Raisman. That pairing wasn't exactly clandestine.

"He's just a very thoughtful person," Raisman told People magazine about Underwood.

The secret might have something to do with Tia Booth, who like Kufrin is a former contestant on "The Bachelor," the TV companion to "The Bachelorette." The internet, which never is wrong, claims Booth and Underwood hooked up at some point after she was tossed from "The Bachelor" last season.

Supposedly, Booth appears in July on "The Bachelorette" to say she still has feelings for Underwood. That prompts Kufrin to show Colton the door. But don't fret — Booth and Underwood might live to see another TV day, this time on yet another reality show, "Bachelor in Paradise."

God bless Colton; it's good to be 26, handsome and pseudo-famous. We will update his "Bachelorette" progress when warranted.

But all in all, we'd rather watch the Cubs, even if they've been driving us crazy so far in this inconsistent baseball season. Much less drama. Much more interesting.

The song heard on the way to work poses the musical question none of the "Bachelorette" contestants needed to ask.