Good morning, troops. It's Wednesday, May 9.

Those who crave Lou's Drive-In chili dogs and pork-tenderloin sandwiches in the winter soon will be in luck. But there's a catch.

You'll have to go to East Peoria to get them.

Legendary Lou's, a Peoria spring-and-summer mainstay for some 65 years, is expanding to the east side of the Illinois River. The new location is expected to open Memorial Day weekend at 245 Farmdale Road in East Peoria, according to Lou's co-owner Laurie Halsey.

A Sonic drive-in occupied that East Peoria spot, near the Washington Street intersection, until it closed about three years ago.

The original Lou's, at 4229 N. Knoxville Ave., is to remain in operation on its usual schedule, from April or May to Labor Day weekend.

Halsey purchased Lou's in 2015 after the LaHood family and its friends had owned and operated it since the early 1950s. She said business has been great, and she's been plenty busy.

Why add to the workload she and co-owner husband Tony Halsey already bear?

"Because I'm crazy," Halsey said with a laugh.

Expansion was not in Halsey's plans, but a friend suggested she investigate the old Sonic property. For the past month, Halsey has been negotiating with its owners.

She said the building needs some new equipment and a little cleaning and painting. Otherwise, it's in turn-key condition.

"It's gone fairly quick," Halsey said about the decision-making process. "I knew if I was going to do it, we'd have to open for the summer, because that's what Lou's is."

But Halsey intends the new location to be open all year, although it might close for a month or so if business in January and February is slow. She hasn't conducted a demographic study, but she believes the location on East Peoria's eastern edge is solid.

"It's kind of in the middle of Morton, Washington, Sunnyland, East Peoria," Halsey said. "The car traffic seems really strong."

The year-round operation and a drive-thru window are among few anticipated East Peoria changes to the Lou's formula. The menu is to be the same as that in Peoria. Curb service also will be offered.

So will Lou's famous popcorn and root beer, to be made on site. The 1940s-era root-beer barrel at the Peoria Lou's probably won't be making the trip, however.

"We're not going to change a good thing," Halsey said.

Speaking of good things, here's the song heard on the way to work.