PEORIA — Rumors were flying faster than the flags Tuesday night when an employee’s mistake left a U.S. flag upside down outside a BP station at the corner of Western and Moss avenues.

One of the two flags outside the gas station had ripped, so Fahd Alaseri, owner of the BP at 211 N. Western Ave., said he bought a new one. But an employee accidentally hung the new flag upside down.

“It was nothing intentional,” Alaseri said. “A customer brought it to our attention, and it was fixed right away.”

A storm of Facebook comments suggesting the employee had political motives followed the mistake, but Alaseri said there’s no truth to it.

“If you look at the comments on Facebook, those are all outside people. The locals know us,” Alaseri said. “We’re raising our kids here and trying to make a living.”

The online threats to boycott seem to have been empty because Alaseri said business hasn’t slowed at all.

“This has actually been one of the busiest days we’ve had,” he said Wednesday. “And when people come in asking questions, we just explain it to them.”

He said he has also been in contact with BP and when he explained the situation, there was no trouble.


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