WASHINGTON — “The Diary of Anne Frank” will be brought to life on the Five Points Washington stage by the WCHS Drama Department on March 3-5.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning play tells a true story of two Jewish families who went into hiding during the Holocaust in Nazi Germany.

Anne Frank, the young writer whose personal diary is the inspiration for the play, reflects on the horrors of Nazi persecution and the tribulations her family endured as they hid for nearly two years in a small, secret annex above an office where people worked, unaware, in German-occupied Amsterdam, Holland, during World War II.

The story reveals Anne’s unwavering faith in humanity, despite the hardships of confinement, the personal challenges of living together in such close proximity and the fears of being discovered by German authorities.

The cast of the play consists of 10 boys and five girls.

“It’s much more serious, because it’s a true story,” said Lisa Stout, director of the spring play. “We don’t normally do heavy, heavy drama. It seemed like the right time to do this … with the right kids.”

Stout said she chose the play because she believes it is an important story for people to learn about.

“It’s an important play; it’s about a terrible time in history,” Stout said. “I believe we need to learn from the past so we don’t make the same mistakes again.”

Many students are familiar with the play.

“Most kids read ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ while they’re young, so I’m hoping that students who have read the play will be interested in coming to see it,” Stout said.

The play requires the cast to be in touch with their emotions and to connect with the audience, Stout said.

“I hope the audience is moved by the story and the characters,” Stout said. “Being moved doesn’t necessarily mean moved to tears, but I just hope they’re moved by the story and the characters.”

General admission tickets are $5 for students, $7 for adults and may be purchased at the door.

— Madison Brown is a journalism student at Washington Community High School.