From reply-all blunders to accidental forwardings, there are plenty of ways you can get in trouble with your email account. Almost everyone has felt that gut-wrenching moment when you realize you hit “send” without realizing who you were sending your email to, and now Google is here to help.

Gmail users can now have a bit of time to recognize their error and quickly hit “undo send,” saving themselves all of the terrible consequences these sorts of blunders can cause. Here are a few people who probably wish the feature was available years ago…

Jonah Hill

Ever meant to email your doctor but accidentally emailed Drake instead? Well, us either, but that’s apparently exactly what happened to actor Jonah Hill. As part of his weight-loss plan, Hill was supposed to email his doctor the foods he’d eaten each day, but when searching for “Dr.” in his phone, he accidentally hit “Drake.” We’re sure Drake’s happy to know about Hill’s egg breakfast, too. (Photo: Gage Skidmore, Flickr)

Nathan Kahane’s assistant

Got a dream job as a Hollywood bigwig’s personal assistant? Maybe not for long, after you accidentally forget the BCC function when sending out an email to a horde of A-listers on behalf of your boss. Nathan Kahane’s assistant accidentally leaked emails for hundreds of people, including Judd Apatow, Casey Affleck, Josh Brolin and Warren Beatty. We’ve all forgotten to BCC at some point or another… It’s just that most of us don’t have co-workers whose email addresses are coveted by Gawker. 

Gary Chaplin

Even big-time recruiters make costly email mistakes… After being included on an email chain of 4,000 receivers by a man seeking a job (which, FYI, job seekers, is probably not the best way to look for work), London recruiter Gary Chaplin accidentally hit “reply all” and sent an expletive-laced email back to the sender that began, “You are too stupid to get a job, even in banking.” Whoops. Chaplin was, of course, fired by his company after his email made headlines.

Vanessa Hojda

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally attach a photo of late-era Nicolas Cage doing one of his most Nicolas Cage-y faces instead of your resume? Canadian job applicant Vanessa Hojda can relate. We’re pretty sure she didn’t get that administrative assistant job she was looking for, but she did get a brief moment of Internet fame. Isn’t that just as valuable? (Photo: R.S., via Flickr)

David Vogelsang

NYU employee David Vogelsang ended up being the culprit behind the infamous “replyallcalypse” of 2012. Vogelsang was sending a mass email to NYU students, and he accidentally sent it without disabling the “reply all” option. A student, Max Wisitier, hit “reply all” on accident, setting off a days-long string of joke-laden emails between 40,000 recipients ensued.

Ben Baldanza

Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza didn’t MEAN to hit “reply all” when he issued a snarky response to a couple’s emailed complaint about their travel delays that had been forwarded his way in 2007. “We owe him nothing as far as I'm concerned. Let him tell the world how bad we are,” Baldanza wrote in an email that he meant to sent to solely to a Spirit employee. Whoops. Customers weren’t exactly digging Spirit’s customer service, and a series of travel sites posted critical blogs on the subject. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Fordham University/Student Aid Services

Speaking of school-related email gaffes, we’re guessing students who incorrectly received emails from Fordham University (via contractor Student Aid Services) in 2013 weren’t amused. The school’s financial aid department accidentally sent out emails to 2,500 early admission applicants that said “Congratulations once again on your admission to Fordham University.” Unfortunately, 500 of those 2,500 had been rejected, while the remaining 2,000 had been deferred.