Donations to a Pekin mother of five have saved the family for now from being forced from their home, she said Monday.

As of 3 p.m. Monday, several dozen people had produced nearly $3,150 over the past week after the plight of Delores and her young children was reported in the Daily Times and other area publications.

Delores (whose name is changed to protect her family’s identity) had fallen six months behind in her rent since her husband, and father of four of the children, was imprisoned for sexually assaulting two of them.

A stay-at-home mother, she had no job to replace the income lost after her husband’s arrest. Delores, 33, recently found part-time work at a restaurant, receives public aid and has been waiting for months for a public housing unit large enough to accommodate her children, ages 3 to 13.

Her landlord told her he needed at least $2,700, half of the owed rent, by Monday or he’d be forced to evict her. That prompted two friends to set up an online GoFundMe account to meet the deadline.

“We got a couple of donations this morning that put us over the top,” Delores said.
“We’re extremely grateful,” she said. “The outpouring (of aid) has been amazing.” One of her friends “has been sending personal thank-yous to each donor.”

Her landlord “said he was very happy for us, that he didn’t want to put us out. I told him I understand he can’t afford to support (both) his and my family” by foregoing his rental property’s income much longer.

Delores said she hopes her income will improve enough in January, when she expects to get full-time hours at her job, to afford the $900 monthly rent for her home near Starke School.

“We’re clear of eviction for now, but we still have a ways to go,” she said. Her next rental payment is due Friday, and she still owes another three months’ worth.

She hasn’t thrown away the boxes she brought from work to store her children’s belongings while the family lives, if necessary, in the homes of friends.

Donations to help Delores and her children can be made at

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