Pekin Community High School was open and on its usual schedule Friday in the wake of unfounded rumors of a potential shooting at the school Thursday.

District 303 Superintendent Danielle Owens said city police would increase their presence on the school campus through the day to allay anxieties, but no further action was anticipated.

Owens explained the source of the rumors in a news release Thursday night on the district’s website.

“Pekin Community High School administration learned (Thursday) afternoon that there have been rumors circulating on social media regarding a potential school shooting at PCHS,” the statement said. “There is no known threat to the school at this time. The rumors about a school shooting appear to have originated from an incident involving a student playing a song with inappropriate lyrics at school which referenced ‘shootings.’ The student was interviewed by administration in conjunction with the Pekin police and it was determined that no threat was made.

“In order to ease any potential anxieties that this social media rumor has caused, there will be an increased police presence at the school on Friday. Pekin Community High School will be open on Friday.”

Owens was not available for comment Friday. Pekin police have reported no further incidents at the school as of mid-day.