Four small fires over the past several days, including one in a nursing home, caused minor damage and no injuries.

Electrical problems apparently sparked three of the fires, while one in the laundry room at Timbercreek Rehab and Health Care at 9:20 p.m. Sunday night ignited from oily rags in a commercial clothes dryer, Pekin Fire Chief Kurt Nelson reported Wednesday.

“We didn’t need to evacuate” the facility at 2220 State St., said Deputy Fire Chief Brian Cox. Smoke was ventilated from the laundry room, which he said is located away from residents’ rooms. That fire caused about $15,000 in damage to laundry equipment.

Firefighters prevented flames from spreading beyond the basement water heater area shortly before 4 p.m. Tuesday in a home at 1502 Henry St. Heat and smoke from the fire, believed to be electrical in nature, caused about $10,000 in damage, Nelson said.

Firefighters quelled fires that broke out in two homes Friday.

Faulty wiring had spread flames and smoke into the attic of a home at 1425 Lake St. shortly after 5 a.m., setting off a smoke detector that alerted its sleeping resident. The home sustained about $20,000 in damage, Nelson said.

Old wiring short-circuited in the attic of a home at 1813 N. 11th St. shortly before 10 p.m. Damage was limited to less than $2,500, Nelson said.

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