His face hidden by a ski mask, a Creve Coeur man apparently thought he could enjoy the Chinese food he allegedly robbed from a restaurant driver without fear of consequences.

His girlfriend gave him away, however, and Antonio Geiler, 22, now faces a possible prison term as payment for the meal.

Geiler also led police to suspect him in the Nov. 15 robbery by staging the robbery on the same block where he lives at 336 Riverview Drive, police said.

He remained in jail Friday on $15,000 bond on the robbery charge filed against him several days earlier.

A driver for the Lian Wang restaurant took the $28 worth of food to another Riverview home, where he found a young woman waiting on the porch. As he approached, the woman went behind a bush and Geiler emerged, according to a prosecutor’s court affidavit.

“Give me the food and I won’t shoot you,” Geiler allegedly stated. While the driver didn’t say whether he saw a weapon, the girlfriend later told police Geiler confronted him with a BB gun. The driver dropped the food and ran back to his car.

The restaurant’s manager told police he’d had previous problems with a man who lived on Riverview. An officer suspected that man to be Geiler, the affidavit stated.

When he found Geiler and the girl at a gas station last Sunday, the girl acknowledged the two had committed the robbery, the affidavit stated. Geiler denied any involvement.

He’ll next appear in court on Jan. 12. The status of the girl, a minor, was not publicly available.

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