A Peoria man didn’t run after he threw rocks into the windshields of two police cars parked outside East Peoria’s police station last September.

Sidney Jones, 40, said he wanted to go to Tazewell County’s jail, where a man had been sent for beating Jones’ sister, according to court records.

Jones was sentenced to two years in prison Monday after pleading guilty to felony criminal damage to property.

He apparently never got the chance to avenge his sister, according to court records.

Officers rushed outside to the police department’s parking lot on Sept. 16 to find one squad car’s windshield shattered by a rock, a second one cracked and Jones standing nearby, court records stated. He told them he wanted to go to jail to find his sister’s attacker.

Jones has already served at least four prison terms, two each for being a felon in possession of a firearm and possession of look-alike drugs with intent to deliver. Those convictions came in Peoria County.

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